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General News

06/07/2020 - APPLICATIONS OPEN: 2021 Nuffield International Farming Scholarships


Monday 6 July 2020

Nuffield International Farming Scholars has opened applications for 2021 scholarships, and farmers and agricultural professionals are strongly encouraged to apply.

Prospective Nuffield Scholars are people in agriculture with a desire to explore the global industry and find new best practices and insights they can bring back home with them. Nuffield Scholars are typically between the ages of 25 and 45, with direct engagement in the agriculture industry.

Nuffield International Interim CEO Jodie Redcliffe says that it is a unique global network of farmers and agri-professionals that focuses on personal capacity building, and local, national, and global thought leadership.

“Whether scholars are investigating production agriculture, financial and succession planning topics, market trends, or communications and outreach efforts, scholars dig into a topic of interest to them and of value to the industry”.

“It is through this unique journey that they become experts in their area of study, and an invaluable resource to those around them”.

“Nuffield is a conduit of cross-fertilisation, enabling the mixing of people and ideas from around the world to connect, enhance innovation and technology and ensure a more sustainable and profitable industry,” said Ms Redcliffe.

The global network through this expansive program provides Nuffield Scholars with the opportunity to grow personally, implement operational changes at a business level, and share new knowledge with other producers and the wider agricultural sector.

Susan Garey, a 2019 Scholar from the USA explains the benefits of a scholarship.

“There is no better way to broaden your experience and transform your way of thinking than a Nuffield Scholarship”.

“You’ll meet some of the most insightful people who will challenge you, and you will be exposed to things only the Nuffield network can enable.”

Applications for the 2021 program are now open and due by 15 October 2020. Interviews will take place in locations around the world in November. Selected Nuffield International Scholars will be announced in December 2020 and the scholarship commences in 2021.

With a program history that dates back to 1947, Nuffield Scholars are globally recognised leaders in agriculture. Up to 75 Nuffield Scholars are selected annually across more than ten countries, providing each participant with personal capacity building experiences through global travel and networking, as well as focused individual research efforts.

Through the Nuffield International program, agriculturalists can connect with the program’s 1,800 alumni and engage with innovators around the world. Countries with active Nuffield Farming Scholars programs include the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Zimbabwe and USA.

Approximately five to seven scholarships are available and more details are on the 'Scholarship' page of this website.

21/05/2020 - New Partnership Announced with World Farmers Organisation (WFO)

WFO announces strategic partnership with Nuffield International

Rome, Italy, May 21, 2020 - The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) and Nuffield International Farming Scholars have joined forces to strengthen the voice of young farmers in the global agenda on agriculture by implementing joint capacity building actions for future farming leaders.

Education is at the centre of all professional experiences, and soft skills acquisition and intellectual capital management are crucial for succeeding in a highly intense, competitive environment requiring a diverse knowledge and high-level specialisation.

Both organisations recognise the critical role of younger generations for an effective and sustainable transformation of food systems and promote the importance of education and professional growth and development of young farmers.

"Young farmers of the world present a huge goldmine that can provide the solution to the main challenges of the 21st century. It is of utmost importance that young farmers understand their role in shaping the future of agriculture. To this extent, in 2017, we launched, in close partnership with Bayer, the Gymnasium. Now at its second edition, the Gymnasium is a high-level capacity building programme aimed at training young farmers to make them become future leaders in the agricultural sector " said Theo De Jager in his capacity of the WFO President.

Jodie Redcliffe, Interim CEO of Nuffield International and CEO of Nuffield Australia, highlights the synergies between both organisations in this new partnership.

"The mission of the World Farmers Organisation is to bring farmers’ voices to the global dialogue on agriculture, and how it intersects with community and sustainability, Ms Redcliffe said.

“At Nuffield, we inspire individuals to make a difference in the world of agriculture by providing scholarships to challenge thinking, encourage innovation, and ensure knowledge transfer, both locally and globally across primary industries. We look forward to working closely with WFO to achieve our shared objectives”.

Under the new agreement, WFO and Nuffield International have committed to implementing joint capacity building actions for future farming leaders, as well as influencing and encouraging governments and policymakers to acknowledge young farmers as crucial actors in the global agenda on agriculture.

The first partnership activity will include a Nuffield/WFO Webinar on Wednesday 27 May, featuring WFO Secretary General Arianna Giuliodori, who will share the work of the WFO to Nuffield Scholars around the world, including their Gymnasium program and The Climakers.

This new partnership represents the beginning of a fruitful joint path towards achievements and results for young farmers.

For more information, please contact:

Valeria Di Marzo

Communications Officer

WFO | O.M.A.


Nicola Raymond

Program Operations Manager

Nuffield International


The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) is a member-based association, bringing together national farmers’ organizations and agricultural cooperatives from all over the world. The WFO mission is to represent the farmers’ voice and advocate on their behalf in all relevant international processes affecting their present and their future, ranging from the global dialogue on agriculture to nutrition and sustainability. This includes Climate Change negotiations (COP), Committee on World Food Security (CFS), United Nations Disaster Risk Reduction (Sendai Framework), IFAD’s farmers’ forum, AMR debate (OIE, FAO, WHO), trade (WTO), and many more.

Nuffield International’s mission consists of inspiring people to make a difference in the world of agriculture. This work is done by developing the individuals in agriculture who will shape the future of agriculture and our local and global communities. A non-profit organization with a global footprint, Nuffield International encompasses nine member countries (Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Zimbabwe). In addition, Nuffield International leads efforts to support the engagement of the program into new countries ( Brazil, Chile, Japan, South Africa, and the United States of America), to continually expand this unique opportunity to other agriculturists from all over the world.

06/04/2020 - Meet the 2020 Nuffield International Scholars

Four new Nuffield International Scholars have been named, and Nuffield Japan Associate announces their first Scholar

Nuffield International is pleased to announce the selection of four farmers and agri-professionals from Brazil, Chile, Japan and Zimbabwe to participate in the Nuffield program. These individuals join 70 other 2020 Nuffield Scholars from eight other member nations.

As Nuffield Scholars, these agriculturalists will spend 16-weeks traveling to explore production agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural policy, and related topics around the world. The 2020 Nuffield International Scholars are:

1) Ingrid Caron, from Goias in Brazil, receives a scholarship supported by TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture. She will research food production in a sustainable and efficient manner to feed the population. She will also seek intangible benefits of certification programs from different industries, such as improvement of production management systems, development of local communities and those involved in production systems. This will provide the tools for better communication, the aim to understand, compare and explore from “inside the gate” to society.

2) Antonio Bunster Zegers is an agronomist and winemaker in central Chile. This scholarship is made possible by an investment from TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture and Exportaciones Meyer Limitada. Antonio manages a mixed operation with 30 hectares of cherries and a grass-fed beef cattle herd. He also started a small-scale winemaking project, sourcing grapes from centuries-old, dry farmed vines. Antonio plans on exploring how impoverished communities can be bolstered through multi-sectorial approaches to support agriculture, winemaking, and tourism. He and his wife have a young daughter

3) Shota Morigami is a first-generation farmer in the Kyoto region, and the first Nuffield International Scholar from Japan. Shoto runs two agricultural operations: Agri Shonoya, a 12-hectare farm growing green onions and Kyonegi Samurai, an agribusiness focused on selling produce. He will explore marketing all over the world. His intention is to focus on Japanese restaurants overseas, investigating how Japanese agriculture and foods are promoted and received globally. This inaugural scholarship in Japan is supported by Norinchukin Bank. He and his wife have three children

4) Ranga Huruba aims to improve communal and small-scale beef production in Zimbabwe. Ranga’s family owns a small parcel of land inherited from his grandfather where they are practising small-scale cattle ranching. He has a background in rangeland ecology and currently doing his PhD in the same field while working for Debshan Ranch as Research Manager. Debshan is a cattle and game ranch that has embraced holistic management for production sustainability and system resilience. Ranga’s scholarship is supported by Nufarm, Driptech, Dudutech and Nuffield International.

31/03/2020 - Jim Geltch AM, to retire as CEO from Nuffield International

Jim Geltch AM, 1986 Australian Nuffield Scholar and Chief Executive Officer of Nuffield International, has formally retired, effective 1 April 2020.

Jim has served in this current role since 2016, and prior to that, served as CEO of Nuffield Australia, a position he held from November 2005.

During Jim’s tenure at Nuffield International, his remit was to expand the scholarship program beyond the current seven Nuffield countries. This meant identifying potential investors and candidates for the program around the world, as well as managing the application process, selections and international study program for Nuffield International Scholars.

Since 2016, 22 scholarships have been awarded through Nuffield International, representing countries including Belgium, Brazil, Chile, the United States and South Africa. This year, Nuffield International has also awarded its first scholarship to a scholar in Japan.

Chair of Nuffield International Andrew Fowler, 2000 Scholar from Western Australia, thanked Jim for his unwavering dedication and passion for Nuffield.

“Jim epitomises what Nuffield stands for, with a passion, work ethic and determination to see this organisation develop to offer even more young agriculturalists the opportunity to travel the world studying a topic of relevance to their industry,” he said.

“He has always been driven to develop and inspire leadership in individuals in agriculture and sees Nuffield as a highly regarded network of leaders whose insight is sought around the world”.

“He leaves an indelible impact on all Nuffield Scholars he has fostered over the past 15 years”.

A farmer and Nuffield Scholar himself, Jim simultaneously operates, with his sons, a farming operation in Victoria. He undertook his scholarship in 1986 to explore farmer education, advances in irrigation technology and computer-based crop modelling in Europe and Israel.

Jim was also awarded an Order of Australia (AM) in 2001 for service to primary industry in the field of irrigated agriculture and promotion of agricultural research and education. In 2018, he was awarded the ‘Rabobank Leadership Award’, recognising the “fundamentally important” role he has played developing upcoming leadership in the Australian and New Zealand food, beverage and agribusiness sectors.

Jim is married to Helen and they have four sons; Mark, Paul, Neil and David.

Nuffield International can announce that 2013 Scholar and CEO of Nuffield Australia, Jodie Redcliffe, has been appointed Interim CEO of Nuffield International, with support from UK Nuffield Farming Scholarship Trust Director Mike Vacher as CFO and Company Secretary.


Jodie Redcliffe, Interim CEO, Nuffield International

Ph: 0408 758 602 E:

23/01/2020 - Nuffield International Announces Bayer as Global Strategic Partner

Nuffield International recently announced an investment made by Bayer to be a Global Strategic Partner. The Bayer partnership will focus on supporting Nuffield International events like the annual Contemporary Scholars Conference and Triennial, and will work to ensure that Nuffield Scholars are able to participate in local and global conversations about farming, food, and agricultural production and policy.

27/09/2019 - New Nuffield International Scholar Report Released -

Murilo Betterallo, a 2017 Nuffield International Scholar from Brazil, recently completed his report outlining his travels and exploration on agtech and innovation around the world. Read his report to find out what is happening on the agtech front how farmers can better engage in the digital revolution.

28/08/2019 - 2019 Nuffield International Tour Explores Agriculture, Culture in 4 African Countries

A group of Nuffield Farming Scholars and guests participated in a 24-day excursion to explore agriculture, agribusiness, policy, and culture in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. You can read more about the event, including two first-hand narratives about the trip and some great photos from tour stops.

09/08/2019 - 2020 Nuffield International Scholarship Information Now Available in Chinese

Details on the 2020 Nuffield International Farming Scholars program are now available with Chinese translation. A version of the application with Chinese translation is also now posted on the website.

22/07/2019 - 2020 Nuffield International Scholarship Application Now Available

The application is now open for candidates interested in being a 2020 Nuffield International Farming Scholar. Application deadline is 30 September 2019.

06/05/2019 - Nuffield International Scholars from Brazil, Australia Participate in UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-4) Event in Nairobi, Kenya

Nuffield Scholars continue to advocate for agriculture at the global level, with Simon Mattsson (Nuffield Australia) and Luciano Loman (Nuffield International Brazil) participating in the UNEA-4 forum in Nairobi in March. This marks the first time Nuffield Farming Scholars have been part of this event. More information on the event and insight from Simon and Luciano is available through this report.

01/01/2019 - January 2019 Nuffield International Newsletter

The latest issue of the Nuffield International newsletter is now available. Catch up on the latest happenings around the world with Nuffield International!

28/12/2018 - 2019 Nuffield International Farming Scholars Named

Nuffield International is please to announce the selection of five farmers and agri-professionals from Brazil, Chile, and the United States of America to participate in the Nuffield Farming Scholars program. These individuals will join 70 other 2019 Nuffield Scholars from eight other member nations, including the first Nuffield Scholar from Zimbabwe since 2002.

18/12/2018 - Nuffield New Zealand recently released Enuff, their quarterly e-newsletter

Click on the link to read about news and activities happening with Nuffield New Zealand Scholars!

12/12/2018 - Global Exploration and Practical Research Meet in Nuffield International Farming Scholars Program

Nuffield International Farming Scholars and the Global Forum for Agricultural Research and Innovation (GFAR) have just announced a new partnership between the two groups. Nuffield International is the over-arching umbrella organization for the Nuffield Farming Scholars program, and inspires people to make a difference in the world of agriculture.

With more than 1700 Nuffield Scholars around the world, it is an expansive network of production and thought leaders who are spurring change in agriculture - at home and abroad. GFAR is a multi-stakeholder global forum on agricultural research and innovation whose open, voluntary nature allows participants to share and create new knowledge to effect change.

Through the partnership, the reports completed by Nuffield Scholars will be part of the GFAR network, and Nuffield Scholars will be able to connect with other individuals and organizations within the GFAR network.

12/09/2018 - Nuffield Zimbabwe seeking applicants for 2019 scholarships

Nuffield Farming Scholars in Zimbabwe is looking for farmers and agri-professionals to apply to explore global agriculture and become part of the re-activated Nuffield Scholars program in that country.

29/08/2018 - 2015 Nuffield Australia Scholar Andy Clarke features interview about the Nuffield Phenomenon with Dr. Jean Lonie on his blog, the Dirt Dude

As an outcome of his 2015 Nuffield Scholarship, Australian viticulturist Andy Clarke has launched a new website, The Dirt Dude, which features a series of interviews with unique leaders in agriculture around the world. Recently, Andy interviewed Dr. Jean Lonie, Nuffield International relationship manager, about her research exploring the public value of the Nuffield International Farming Scholars program.

You can watch the interview to hear more about the Nuffield experience and its meaning and significance to Nuffield Scholars, their home operations, communities, and the larger agriculture industry.

27/08/2018 - Nuffield Scholars invited to UN Committee on World Food Security

Nuffield International Farming Scholars invited to attend, participate in United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS) 2018 Plenary Session in Rome, Italy, October 2018

28/06/2018 - Scholar Jean Lonie earns doctorate

2018 Nuffield Scholar Jean Lonie has been approved as earning a Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Extension Education from The Pennsylvania State University. Jean focused on exploring the public value of the Nuffield International Farming Scholars Program as part of her dissertation in agricultural and extension education.

05/10/2017 - Got a spare 15 minutes?

A short documentary by Simon Mattsson to help inspire practice change across industries.

25/09/2017 - Nuffield Event: What today’s young agricultural leaders need to meet tomorrow’s SDG challenges

Food producers the world over face increasingly complex challenges that require uncommon partnerships in their efforts to sustain a growing world population and ensure agriculture is an active player in the achievement of the SDGs.

01/08/2017 - Georgie Cartanza Breaks New Ground

Late last year, Georgie, who has worked for Perdue Foods and Mountaire Farms and raises organic chickens for Coleman Natural Foods, became the poultry extension agent for the University of Delaware. Just two weeks after taking that position, she became the rst—and only—American to win a prestigious Nu eld International Farming Scholarship.

05/07/2017 - 2017 UK Triennial Conference

The 2017 Nuffield International Triennial Conference shone a two-week spotlight on British farming, food and rural enterprise, with a programme of visits and events to showcase the very ‘Best of British’ in farming, food, technology and our diversified rural landscape.


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