Country by Country Management Structure

Each Nuffield country has, or will have, its own web site. Use the links below for more information.


Formed 2011 Active membership: 13 Web site
Chairman Kelvin Meadows profile
External Board Member Brendon Smart profile
External Board Member Martin Davies profile
CEO Jim Geltch profile
Relationship Manager Jean Lonie profile
Formed 1950 Active membership: 423 Web site
Chairman Andrew Fowler profile
CEO Jodie Dean profile
Formed 1950 Active membership: 85 Web site
Chairman Blake Vince profile
Secretary Rod Bradshaw profile
Formed 1981 Active membership: 38 Web site
Chairman Victor Leforestier profile
Treasurer Vincent Chouanard profile
Formed 1996 Active membership: 83 Web site
Chairman Geoff Dooley profile
Executive Secretary John Tyrrell profile
Formed 2013 Active membership: 16 Web site
Chairman Annechien Ten Have Mellema profile
Director Djûke van der Maat profile
Treasurer Henk Smith profile
Formed 1950 Active membership: 128 Web site
Chairman Andrew Watters profile
NI Board representative Craige Mackenzie profile
General Manager Anne Hindson profile
Programme Co-Ordinator Lisa Rogers profile
Formed 1947 Active membership: 831 Web site
Chairman Julian Darling profile
Director Mike Vacher profile
Formed 1948 Active membership: 37 Web site
Representative Rob Fisher profile
Formed 1961 Active membership: 1 no web site In Recess 1967
Representative David Stanley profile
BRAZIL – Associate country since 2013, affiliated in 2017
Formed 2015 Active Membership: 7 Web site Facebook
Chairman Fabiano Paganella profile
Honorary Ambassador Sally Thomson profile
USA – Associate country since 2015
Formed 2015 Active Membership: 4 Nuffield International USA Brochure
President Ed Kee profile
Vice President Jean Lonie profile
South Africa – Associate country since 2017
Formed 2017 Active Membership: 1
Chair Ms Hlamalani Ngwenya profile
Secretary Wayne Dredge profile
Southern Caucasus – Associate country since 2017
Convenor Simon Appleby profile


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