Announcing the 2021 Nuffield International Scholars

Nuffield International Farming Scholars is pleased to announce its newest Scholars for 2021. Seven farmers and agri-professionals from Brazil, the USA, Chile and Japan are successful applicants who join 22 other Nuffield International Scholars as part of a unique global network. These agriculturalists will spend 14 weeks traveling to explore production agriculture, agribusiness, agricultural policy, and related topics around the world. The 2021 Scholars are:

Aaron De Long - United States of America

Design and construction of strong, resilient, local food systems, shortening supply chains and increasing direct connections between farms and consumers

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Carlos Zegwaard - Brazil

Improve dairy industry profits by finding a more reliable way to measure milk quality when collected at farms

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Elisa Blanco - Chile

Water distribution for agricultural use to improve water security, decrease conflict situations and enable long-term sustainability

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Kosuke Kubo - Japan

The feasibility of free-range dairy farming to build a successful model in Japan

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Renato Rodrigues - Brazil

Climate change in agriculture, greenhouse gases and sustainable production systems

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Susan Weaver Ford - United States of America

The role of women in agriculture

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Vanessa Chiamulera - Brazil

Sustainable alternatives in agriculture to optimise productivity and mitigate the environmental impacts of activity

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