Scholar Profile - 2023 Winner

Robin Euvrard - Nantes, FRANCE

Study: Regenerative viticulture

Robin Euvrard from Nantes in France, is awarded a 2023 Nuffield International scholarship to study regenerative viticulture, supported by PSP Investments and a Coalition of French Scholarship Investors.

Robin obtained a diploma in agricultural engineering at Agrocampus Ouest-Rennes in 2010 and from 2011-2016, was an advisor in organic field crops with the GABNOR (Organic Farmers Group of Nord Pas-de-Calais). He provided technical, economic, and marketing support to farmers wishing to switch to organic production. He also took part experimentation projects in partnership with other players including the Fdration Nationale d'Agriculture Biologique (FNAB).

Following a career at several wine estates, building skills in both the vineyard and cellar, Robin created his own wine estate in January 2020 with 5-hectares of vines. He also grows and cultivates 12-hectares of cereals. In addition, Robin is a technical trainer to other wine growers, focusing on vine physiology, soil biology and regenerative agriculture. Robin says that winegrowers face intense climatic events which can weaken the technical and economic balance of their businesses and increase diseases such as mildew and phylloxera, leading to higher consumption of phytosanitary products. He would like to see better plant health and soil through regenerative viticulture principles for a more resilient industry.

"Agricultural climatic challenges are common globally and the solutions are all similar, which are to combine soil cover and management of the soil-plant biological balance. These practices are still underdeveloped in France and a Nuffield Scholarship is an opportunity for me to go further and learn from farmers who have been involved in this process for a long time. My work as a trainer will also enable me to promote these techniques to other farmers across France".

Robin hopes to travel to both the USA and Australia as part of his research.

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