Scholar Profile - 2023 Winner

Easton Kuboushek - Iowa, USA

Study: Aquaculture and what the USA can learn from the rest of the world in scaling sustainable seafood supply chains

Easton Kuboushek is the recipient of the 2023 USA Iowa-based Scholarship* to study global aquaculture to support the United States in scaling sustainable seafood supply chains.

Kuboushek currently serves as a Senior Account Executive with Amplify Association Management, a subsidiary of Iowa Soybean Association. He leads multiple non-profit trade associations including the Soy Aquaculture Alliance, the National Chimney Sweep Guild, National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers and supports the New York Corn and Soybean Growers Association.

"Aquaculture has incredible potential to meet the world's growing demand for sustainably sourced protein and address food insecurity," says Kuboushek. "Farming fish, crustaceans and other aquatic organisms has grown significantly over the past 20 years and is projected to increase an additional 12.8% by 2030 -- but the United States still imports more than 90 percent of its seafood."

Data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development predict that countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Thailand will account for 88% of total aquaculture production by 2030. Other success stories, like Ecuador, are experiencing exponential growth. The USA is not really a factor, and by visiting these countries Kuboushek hopes to find ways where the USA can improve its position.

"Through the Nuffield program, my independent study will explore the success stories, best practices, technology, and regulations that have fostered tremendous growth in aquaculture production around the world. With first-hand experience, I plan to apply this knowledge to help expand US aquaculture production through the Soy Aquaculture Alliance and contribute to a fresh, sustainable seafood supply chain."

Kuboushek's passion for agriculture is rooted on the family farm in Northeast Iowa. As an agriculture professional, he contributes his time and talent to supporting farmers by growing non-profit trade and commodity associations. Kuboushek holds a BA from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa, and a Master of Public Administration from Drake University.

*Investor sponsors include the Iowa Farm Bureau Association, the Iowa Soybean Association, the Iowa Pork Producers Association and The People's Company*

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