Scholar Profile - 2018 Winner

Victor Monseff de Almeida Campos - Brazil

Victor Monseff de Almeida Campos from the Sao Paulo state of Brazil, receives the inaugural Nuffield International Scholarship supported by Biotrigo, CHT and Nuffield Scholars. Victor is a business partner in his family's scientific agricultural analysis laboratory, he produces coffee and cattle and he works as farm consultant with a focus on sustainable coffee production and coffee quality.

He will study how we can improve soil and agricultural analysis techniques and systems to measure the health of our soil and plants that inform producers about more sustainable ways to manage our agricultural production.

Victor graduated in Agronomic Engineering at UNESP Campus Jaboticabal, has a MBA in Agribusiness at PECEGE/USP and a Specialization in Soil Manegement at ESALQ/USP. He also has a Masters in Coffee Economics and Science at University of Trieste in Italy.

"While recognizing the importance of developing new products, new technologies and things that can be sold, I see a lack of people focused on how to systematically measure the quality and health of our soils and plants. There is a lot to learn about the life and health in our soils, and to work together to standardise some of the newer - and cheaper and faster - analysis techniques that are coming into the market."

Victor plans to travel to Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, China, USA, Argentina and the African sub-continent to conduct his Nuffield research.

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