Scholar Profile - 2018 Winner

Mauro Nakata - Brazil

Mauro is a partner in the family tilapia business, consisting of a production farm, processing plant, and distribution arm. In addition to processing the nearly 2,000 tonnes of tilapia per year produced on their farms, they receive product from third-party farmers and a cooperative that the family was instrumental in establishing. Tilapia fillets are mainly sold wholesale, and byproducts such as fish meal and fish oil are also commercialised.

Mauro is a founding member and Treasurer since 2015 of PeixeBR, the national fish farming industry group, and a member of COMPESCA and SIPESP, key state-level fish farming organisations. Mauro has a Bachelor degree in Economics at University Sao Paulo and studied at the Wageningen University in Holland through the Erasmus program.

As a Nuffield Scholar, Mauro will investigate ways to accelerate the development of Brazil's fish farming sector, taking into account efficient production systems, genetics, scalability of systems, value-adding and managing water quality.

Grupo Bom Futuro is supporting this scholarship. This is the organization's first Nuffield scholarship.

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