Zimbabwe Management Profiles

Formed: 1948 , Website: https://nuffieldinternational.org/zimbabwe/

Phil Weller - Chairman

Email: pwtt@yoafrica.com

Phil Weller was selected as a Nuffield International Farming Scholar for 2019. He studied "Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as the sustainable future for global agriculture". The research focused on how IPM can make major global agricultural sectors more sustainable through the potential for the system to reduce industry reliance on chemical pesticides by increasing the use of biocontrols. Phil's experience in the agricultural industry developed his view that "profit and sustainability go hand in hand and (IPM) is the key for the future." His personal ambition is to gain an up to date understanding of global trends in sustainable agriculture, agricultural policies and to broaden his professional network. He plans to give back to Zimbabwe in terms of bringing forward the latest IPM technology. Phil is the managing director of Tonsberg Farming, a vertically integrated horticulture company with breeding/genetics, marketing, and logistics capabilities in the cut flower space.
Michelle Higgins - Administrator

Email: nanette@zol.co.zw

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