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Rob Fisher - Chairman

Email: farways86@gmail.com

With an agricultural and export background Rob has, for the past 15 years, developed a successful career in agronomic consultancy for commercial projects in many parts of Africa. This includes due diligence and feasibility studies as well as providing advice for established agricultural businesses. He has also worked significantly with mainly NGO-sponsored out-grower programs throughout Zimbabwe. In parallel, he has established an export flower seed business in Zimbabwe which sources product from up to 1,000 contracted small-scale farmers. Rob graduated with B.Sc.(Agric) and M.Sc.(Agric) degrees at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. In 1986. he purchased a largely undeveloped farm in northern Zimbabwe and grew this into a highly intensive and productive unit with abundant and sophisticated irrigation infrastructure. In 2002 this farm became a victim of the Government land redistribution program and his family had to vacate at short notice. Rob was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship in 2002, with that year being the last that scholarships were awarded in Zimbabwe. Nuffield Zimbabwe was put into recess with the collapse of the commercial agriculture sector and an economy that rapidly imploded. Rob attended the Nuffield Triennial Conference in the UK in 2017 and came home inspired to rejuvenate Nuffield in his home country. It is planned, with assistance and guidance from Nuffield International, to select a Zimbabwe Nuffield Scholar for 2019. Rob is married to Rome and has two sons and a daughter. His interests include most sports and he presently participates in squash, tennis and mountain bike events. He also has a passion for African flora and fauna as well as its diverse wildlife.
Michelle Higgins - Administrator

Email: nanette@zol.co.zw

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