Brazil Management Profiles

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Luciano Loman - Chairman

Phone: 55 11 98350 0003 


My family has been involved in agriculture for generations. Since the Dutch colonizers arrived in Brazil after WWII, in the 1950s, producing food has motivated each and every family who arrived in this vast, still unexplored country (at the time). My path was different. As I moved out to study, I decided to follow my love for technology and new ideas and became an Electrical Engineer. My engineering mind makes me constantly rethink how processes could work more efficiently. Being raised inside agriculture, I also have farming in my soul. My father is an agronomist and dedicated most of his life to research; I love to hear of new ideas that come to solve everyday problems. In summary, my appreciation for both topics has led me to work with high-tech products specifically developed for agriculture, which allow farmers to be more productive, basing their decisions on real data from their fields. Thinking about how we can be more efficient, innovative, break old paradigms and create a new future has led me to become interested in a fresh topic - Vertical Farming.
Sally Thomson - Executive Officer

Phone: +55 61 99640-8888 


Sally has 15 years experience working with farmers in Australia and more recently Brazil, turning ideas into action through facilitation and project coordination. Growing up on her family crop and sheep farm in Western Australia, and now based on an irrigated tropical dairy in central Brazil, she has a strong affinity with people, the land and agriculture. Sally's affection for Brazil started in 1997, when she lived in Auriflama-SP for one year as Rotary Youth Exchange awardee. In her role as the Nuffield Ambassador for Brazil, Sally is actively developing Nuffield opportunities for Brazilians and supporting Nuffield Scholars with contacts in Brazil - including coordinating the Brazil leg of the Global Focus Program. She speaks advanced Portuguese and enjoys the learning opportunities that travel presents. Sally is a 2014 graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program.
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