Country by Country Management Structure

Each Nuffield country has, or will have, its own web site. Use the links below for more information.


Formed 2011 Active Scholars: 22 Web site
Chairman Andrew Fowler profile
External Board Member Brendon Smart profile
External Board Member Martin Davies profile
Interim CEO Jodie Redcliffe profile
Formed 1950 Active Scholars: 445 Web site
Chair Rob Bradley profile
CEO Jodie Redcliffe profile
Formed 1950 Active Scholars: 90 Web site
Executive Director Leona Watson profile
Chairman Blake Vince profile
Secretary Rod Bradshaw profile
Formed 1981 Active Scholars: 45 Web site
President Yolène Pages profile
Secretary Stéphanie Chanfreau profile
Treasurer Maxime Moinard profile
Formed 1996 Active Scholars: 104 Web site
Chairman Karen Brosnan profile
NI board representative Joe Leonard profile
Secretary John Tyrrell profile
Formed 2013 Active Scholars: 35 Web site
Chairman Annechien Ten Have Mellema profile
Director Djûke Smith van der Maat profile
New Zealand
Formed 1950 Active Scholars: 144 Web site
Chairman Andrew Watters profile
NI Board representative Craige Mackenzie profile
Chief Executive Chris Parsons profile
Programme Co-Ordinator Lisa Rogers profile
United Kingdom
Formed 1947 Active Scholars: 874 Web site
Chairman Helen Woolley profile
Director Mike Vacher profile
Formed 1948 Active Scholars: 39 Web site
Chairman Rob Fisher profile
Formed 1961 Active Scholars: 0 In Recess: 1967 no web site
Brazil - Associate country since 2013, affiliated in 2017
Formed 2015 Active Scholars: 11 Web site
Chair Murilo Bettarello profile
Executive Officer Sally Thomson profile
USA - Associate country since 2015
Formed 2015 Active Scholars: 6 IRS Returns Nuffield International USA Brochure
President Ed Kee profile
Vice President Jean Lonie profile
South Africa - Associate country since 2017
Formed 2017 Active Scholars: 1 no web site
Chairman Hlamalani Ngwenya profile
Secretary Wayne Dredge profile
Chile - Associate country since 2019
Formed 2019 Active Scholars: 2 no web site
Chairman Jose Manuel Irarrazaval Zegers profile
Japan - Associate since 2019
Formed 2019 Active Scholars: 1 Nuffield International Japan Website
Chairman Shigeo Maeda profile
CEO Yuichiro Asai profile
Secretary General Aoi (Anna) Fujita profile
CFO Yosuke Narasako profile
Southern Caucasus - Associate country since 2017
Formed 2017 Active Scholars: 0 no web site
Convenor Simon Appleby profile


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