Applications for 2024 Scholarships are Open


Nuffield International has opened applications for 2024scholarships, and farmers and agricultural professionals are encouraged to apply.

This year, more than 12scholarships are available to those typically between the ages of 25 and 45, and directly engaged in the agriculture industry from countries including Argentina, Chile, Germany, Japan, Kenya, Poland, USA and Zimbabwe.

CEO Jodie Redcliffe says that it is a unique opportunity for individuals to develop their skills, gain knowledge and build capacity.

"Nuffield International inspires people to make a difference in the world of agricultureby developing individuals who will shape the future of their industry and community, both locally and globally', she said.

"In addition to the generous investment by our global agribusiness partners, Nuffield International is also continuing to be supported by the Chris Reichstein Philanthropy Fund.2014 Australian Scholar Chris Reichstein generously donated to Nuffield International to invest in scholarships to individuals in developing countries."

We encourage applications from those who are:

- makinga living from agriculture, either as a primary producer or working in the industry;

- typically between 25-45 years. Exceptional candidates outside that age range will be considered;

- seeking to develop capacity and experience through travel and exploration; and

- based in either Argentina, Chile, Germany, Japan, Kenya, Poland, USA orZimbabwe.

Applications will close on 7October, interviews will take place from 19-31 October andsuccessful candidates announced in November. Thescholarships commencewith the Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC) in Brazil in March 2024.

Available scholarships

- TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture Scholarship

- TIAA-CREF and Climate AI Scholarship

- PSP Investments Scholarship

- USA MidAtlantic Region Scholarship

- USA North Carolina Scholarship

- USAIowaScholarship

- USACalifornia Scholarship

- Japan Norinchukin Bank Scholarship

- Germany: Supported by a coalition of German companies

- Poland: Supported by Top Farms Group

Scholarships with a (#) below are contingent upon receiving investor support:

- #Bayer Scholarship

- #Argentina: Supported by a coalition of Argentinian companies

- #Chile: Supported by a coalition of Chilean companies

- #Zimbabwe: Coordinated by Nuffield Zimbabwe

Apply via our "Scholarships" page

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