First Nuffield Farming Germany Scholarship awarded to young farmer in Lower Saxony


After an application period lasting several months, the Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust has awarded Meinke Ostermann the first German Nuffield Farming Agricultural Scholar - endowed with over 40,000. The young farmer and family man was able to prevail in the selection process due to his impressive application. The award ceremony took place in a festive setting in the presence of the Managing Director of the Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust Jodie Redcliffe from Australia in the German capital Berlin.

On the initiative of farmers Stefan Teepker, Roland van Asten, Henriette Keuffel, Andreas Liebl and Wolfgang Schleicher, Nuffield Farming Germany e.V. was founded at the beginning of 2022 to give German farmers access to this generous scholarship programme. The global network gained through this extensive program offers participants the opportunity to grow personally, implement operational change at the business level, and share knowledge with other producers/entrepreneurs and the industry as a whole.

Farmers, agricultural specialists and entrepreneurs from the direct upstream and downstream sector of agriculture aged 25-45 with residence in Germany were eligible to apply. The Nuffield Farming Scholarship is a unique opportunity for agricultural entrepreneurs to develop their personal skills, acquire knowledge and build relevant capacities in and for the agricultural sector worldwide.

"Now that we are once again able to travel globally, we are encouraging farmers and agricultural professionals to apply for a scholarship to share experiences with peers around the world, network and become leaders in their field," says Australian Jodie Redcliffe, who herself received a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in Australia in 2013.

For Meinke Ostermann, the first German Nuffield Scholar, an exciting journey will follow in the upcoming months. The scholarship begins with a conference of all 2023 scholarship holders in Canada in March 2023. Immediately afterwards, the 32-year-old will travel to another 13 countries in 13 weeks and (hopefully) gather insightful input on his study topic "Agriculture of the Future - Technology, Robotics, Plant Protection Products".

"After the interviews, it quickly became clear to us that Meinke would win the race," smiles Stefan Teepker, Chairman of Nuffield Farming Germany e.V. " He brings not only courage, but also an admirable will for further development, while he always keeps an eye on the big picture thanks to his considerable network."

The application process for the year 2024 opens in summer 2023. All information and application documents for the Nuffield Farming Scholarship are available on request and further information at:

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