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Dear Nuffield Scholar,

The Nuffield International Scholar Database has been upgraded to allow Scholars to provide live links to any or all of the Social Media addresses that they would like to make available to others.

This is how to enter your own Social Media links: -

After you log into your own Profile in the Database you will readily see the new section. Just select, in turn, each relevant Social Media service from the drop-down list and enter against it the URL that opens your own page in that application. Then hit the adjacent "Save" button.

To find the relevant URL for each website/application, you will have to log into it and open your own profile. You can then copy-and-paste from the URL that appears in your browser's address bar.

It is important that the specific URL for your own account is entered. For example, the appropriate Twitter URL would have the form, and Facebook

Once the URLs for your various Social Media pages have been entered, anyone with access to the NI Database will be able to open them. However: -

  • It appears that one cannot open another person's Skype, Google+, and perhaps other services, without first having an account themselves, and
  • Most Social Media services require one to have an account in that service to be able to explore a profile completely. However, most will show basic information without being logged in.

If anyone has lost their Database username or password, there is a Password Reminder and other information on the log in page. As a last resort, contact me.

With best regards,

Database Manager
Nuffield Farming Scholars
286 Blackburn Road
Blackburn South
Victoria 3130
61 (0)3 9803 5999, 61 (0)419 302 334


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