Applications open for 2019 Nuffield International Farming Scholarships

Nuffield International Farming Scholars is pleased to announce that applications for 2019 scholarships are now open, and farmers and agricultural professionals are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • $30,000 Scholarship available to study agriculture
  • Over 10 scholarships available for farmers and agribusiness professionals
  • Applications close 30 September 2018

Download the application brochure here.

Download the 2019 Scholarships media release here

Download the 2019 Scholarships media release with an updated list of investors here

Nuffield International Scholarship provides a unique opportunity for farmers and agri-professionals to participate in an international capacity building program. The Scholarship program involves traveling internationally for 16 weeks over an 18 month period to gain a global view of agribusiness and research a topic of the Scholars choice relating to food and fibre production, distribution, management and/or communication

Nuffield Scholars are typically between the ages of 25 and 45, with direct engagement in the agriculture industry.

Nuffield has been awarding scholarships for over 70 years and there are now approximately 1,800 Scholars worldwide.

Upon selection, Nuffield Scholars will travel the world, participating in both large and small group study tours along with individual research experiences linked to their preferred study topic of choice.

The global exposure and network provides Nuffield Scholars with the opportunity to grow personally, implement operational changes at the business level and share their new knowledge with other producers and the larger agriculture sector.

Four Scholarship Components

Total travel requirement is 16 weeks over the span of 18 months, with flexibility provided.

Following a selection process in 2018, The Nuffield Scholarship experience begins in March 2019, with participation in the one-week Nuffield Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC), to be held in Iowa State, USA.

From there, Scholars undertake a six-week group travel program – called the Nuffield Global Focus Program – in a smaller group of eight-to-ten Scholars in either March/April or June/July (2019).

They also complete a further eight weeks of individual travel at their discretion, to investigate their study report topic of their choice.

A culminating report is submitted by each Nuffield Scholar, giving them an opportunity to contribute to the support of other agriculturalists around the world by sharing what they have learned.

The Nuffield International board is excited to provide this call for applications for 2019 and encourages farmers and agriculturalists to apply.

Key Dates

Early October, 2018 - Internal selection panel reviews applications and short lists candidates

Late October/Early November, 2018 - Nuffield selection panel formally interviews applicants. Interviews will be held by a Nuffield International selection panel. Tentative dates and locations are listed on the application.

March 9-17, 2019 – Scholarship program commences with the Contemporary Scholars Conference in Iowa, USA.

March/April 2019: First three Global Focus Programs are instigated

June/July 2019: Second three Global Focus Programs are instigated. (Note, Scholars choose one of six GFPs to participate in)

July 2019 – Complete a minimum of seven to eight weeks of self-organised study in geographies most relevant to selected topic.

By November 2020 – 10,000 word report on the applicants study topic and presentation of results at key industry events to be agreed upon and completed.

Available Scholarships

NI Scholarships marked with * are available subject to funding being confirmed.

  1. Supported by TIAA-CREF Global Agriculture - open to farmers and agribusiness professionals from USA, Brazil and Chile. The applicant must nominate to study one of the following topics:
    1. #Disruption to conventional farming systems from new technology.
    2. #Models for institutional investors capital to provide opportunities for young and family farmers.
    3. #Mixed farming systems and their relevance in sustainable farming systems in the future.
    4. #Natural capital / valuing natural capital and its intrinsic contribution to land values.
    5. #Quality standards and certification as a reference of sustainability and their importance to farmers and landowners.
    6. #How to maintain and Improve Soil Health # Sustainable Water Use Practices (Irrigation).
  2. Supported by Nufarm - open to a Brazilian farmer or agricultural professional
  3. Supported by Grupo Bom Futuro* - open to Brazilian farmers and agribusiness professionals with a focus on biological solutions
  4. Supported by Cooperfibra Cooperative* - open for a Brazilian farmer and agribusiness professional directly involved in Cooperfibra, or someone able to directly add long-term value to the cooperative
  5. Supported by a group of Brazilian companies* - open to Brazilian farmers and agribusiness professionals
  6. Supported by Iowa Corn, Iowa Soybeans Association, Iowa Pork and Iowa Farm Bureau* - open to Iowa farmers and agribusiness professionals
  7. Supported by a US company - open to USA farmers and agribusiness professionals to study labor efficiency in permanent planting primary production
  8. Supported by a Delaware coalition of farmers, the agricultural industry and farm organizations* - open for a Delaware farmer or agricultural professional to study one of the following topics:
    1. #advances in broiler production
    2. #production and profit improvement in grain and soybean production
    3. #synergies for agriculture/environment intersection
  9. Supported by a US Organic Coalition* - open to organic farmers and agribusiness professionals in the USA
  10. Supported by a coalition of agricultural industry and farm organizations in the country of Georgia* - open to a Georgian farmer or agricultural professional
  11. Supported by an Armenian coalition of agricultural industry and farm organizations* - open to an Armenian farmer or agricultural professional
  12. Supported by a Zimbabwean coalition of farmers, the agricultural industry, inc. Nufarm Ltd., and farm organizations, open for a Zimbabwean farmer or agricultural professional*
  13. Supported by a Chilean coalition of farmers, the agricultural industry and farm organizations, open for a Chilean farmer or agricultural professional*

Apply Now

Are you:

  • Between 25 and 45 years old and involved in farming/agribusiness as your primary occupation?
  • Dedicated to food and fibre production? Keen to join a global farming network to share knowledge?
  • Conversationally fluent in English?

If so, proceed to the application form here.

You can also download a set of the application questions in Microsoft Word format here, in order to prepare.

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Questions? Contact:

Mr. James Geltch, AM
Chief Executive Officer
Nuffield International
Phone: +61 (0) 412 696 076
Skype: geltch1315
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