Nuffield International – France Management Profiles

BENOIT PRESLES – Chairman & Secretary

Benoit Presles from Blois in the Loire Valley, and was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship in 1985.

He has been an arable farmer for 40 years and for the past 20 years, has been Communications Manager for a national company selling agrochemicals, fertilizers and seeds.

Now retired, he is currently Chairman of Nuffield France andl performs occasional consultancy work. He has two children and his son is now farming.


An agronomist and technical salesman for Sly France, a strip-till manufacturer I’ve been around conservation agriculture for a long time. I’m also a contributor to "TCS Magazine" the French no-till magazine.

He researched how to develop a holistic approach on arable farms and how holistic management could be applied during his 2015 Nuffield scholarship. With the project of taking over the family farm in the future, I’d like to use holistic management to develop a vision and a strategic plan.


Vincent is a 2010 Nuffield Scholar from France. He has an arable and beef farm in north-west France.

His study focused on the new and emerging opportunities for arable farmers worldwide. Vincent has been appointed a Secretary General of Nuffield France, in partnership with Benoit Presles.

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