Nuffield International is seeking potential sponsors to support Brazilian farmers to apply and attend Nuffield International events. If you are interested, we encourage you to seek more information from our contacts, Sally Thompson.

The Nuffield International Brazil web site is located at:

Sally Thompson
Brazil Honorary Ambassador
Principal Consultant at Sowing Seeds
Phone: +61 (0) 417 983 356

Sally has 15 years experience working with farmers in Australia and more recently Brazil, turning ideas into action through facilitation and project coordination. Growing up on her family crop and sheep farm in Western Australia, and now based on an irrigated tropical dairy in central Brazil, she has a strong affinity with people, the land and agriculture.

Sally’s affection for Brazil started in 1997, when she lived in Auriflama-SP for one year as Rotary Youth Exchange awardee. In her role as the Nuffield Ambassador for Brazil, Sally is actively developing Nuffield opportunities for Brazilians and supporting Nuffield Scholars with contacts in Brazil – including coordinating the Brazil leg of the Global Focus Program.

She speaks advanced Portuguese and enjoys the learning opportunities that travel presents. Sally is a 2014 graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program.

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