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Nuffield 2019 Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC)

9 – 16 March – Ames, Iowa, USA

A PDF version of the conference booklet can be downloaded from this link (4.1 MB)

The 2019 CSC was held at The Gateway Hotel in Ames, Iowa. Adjacent to the Iowa State University campus, the CSC provided framing to the 70+ Nuffield Scholars, delegates, and guests about U.S. agriculture and the country’s Land Grant university systems, as well as leading experts from around the world.

9th March

  • no presentations available.

10th March

  • CSC 2019 Faciltators Guide Day 1 & 2 (1) - View
  • Nuffield 101: An Overview of the Program: Dr. Jean Lonie, Nuffield International - View
  • Dr. Frank Mitloehner: Animal Agriculture and Climate Change: A world view - View
  • US Agriculture Overview: Ed Kee, former Delaware Secretary of Agriculture - View

11th March

  • no presentations available.

12th March

  • Introduction to the Private Sector Mechanism: April Dodd, Emerging Ag, Inc. - View
  • Wyn Owen: Capacity Building, Personality, and Leadership - View

13th March

  • Africa: Perspectives on Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Nutrition, and Food Systems: Bibi Giyose, NEPAD - View
  • Oceans: The World’s Largest Source of Protein: John Connelly, National Fisheries Institute - View
  • Aidan Connolly: Mega Trends in Agriculture - View
  • Clay Hamilton: The Importance of Trade for U.S. Agriculture - View
  • Ann Steendland: Global Agricultural Productivity Repor - View
  • Eric Trachtenberg: Catalyzing Transformation - View

14th March

  • Nuffield International US Scholar Report – Brian Dougherty - View
  • Dr. Greg Miller: Towards Sustainable Food Systems - Metrics and Considerations with Examples from the Dairy Sector - View
  • Dr. Chad Hart: Ag Trade - View
  • Georgie Cartanza, Nuffield International USA Scholar: Innovations to Improve the Sustainability of Commercial Poultry Production - View
  • Dr. Martha Shulski: Climate in Crisis: Implications and Strategies - View
  • Dr. Wendong Zhang: Seven Things to Know About China to Understand the Trade War - View

15th March

  • Beef Cattle Genetics – Past, Present, and Future: Dr. Matt Spangler, University of Nebraska - View
  • Farming in the U.S. Heartland (Panel) – Moderated by Bart Ruth (farmer, Nebraska): April Hemmes, Rafter H Farms; Scott Henry, Longview Farms; Curtis Meier, Meier Farms; Benjamin Riensche, Blue Diamond Farming Company - View
  • Organic Valley Overview - View

16th March

  • Brexit Update: Grace O’Gorman, 2019 Nuffield UK Scholar - View
  • Dr. Steve Mickelson: Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering - View
  • Culture: The Key to Surviving and Thriving in any Economy: Bob Sinclair, Sinclair Tractor - View
  • Rounding out the Week: Wyn Owen, Nuffield UK Scholar and CSC Facilitator - View
Nuffield International Leaders

Nuffield International Leaders.

2019 Nuffield Scholars in sessions at the CSC

2019 Nuffield Scholars in sessions at the CSC.



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