About Nuffield International

Nuffield International has a number of strategic goals:

1. Contemporary Scholars Conference

Nuffield International develops the annual Contemporary Scholars Conference (CSC), a week-long program for newly selected scholars, which is hosted by member countries and rotated between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

The CSC is a targeted way of investing directly into the advancement of world agriculture. It provides a forum for newly selected Nuffield Scholars. Participants are introduced to a worldwide network of farmers and agriculturalists and establish close ties with like-minded organisations. It provides an experience that stretches scholars mentally and emotionally and draws them to a wider view of agriculture and its pivotal role in society. Scholars consider trade and policy issues affecting agriculture internationally, and those that determine its future. Participants also gain a cultural and ambassadorial experience and develop skills in leadership at both a practical and political level.

The CSC challenges conventional wisdom and makes scholars question their beliefs. They consider the impact of broad international issues at a local level through a broad range of internationally renowned speakers, farm and agribusiness visits. Themes and visits are evaluated through workshop discussions to draw consensus and a conference communique.

Nuffield International strives to assist in the development of future leaders in agriculture by assisting to increase practical farming knowledge and management skills through the CSC.

2. Nuffield Triennial International Conference

Nuffield International is also responsible to support the host country for the International triennial Conference. This two-week event promotes agricultural and rural land-based business, education and experiences by scholars worldwide.

The International Conference provides an opportunity to review the workings of the International Scholarships program and agree amendments necessary to keep Nuffield Scholars as leaders in their field. Most importantly, it also provides a forum for the alumni to meet and debate current agricultural issues and engender a spirit of progress and renewal.

3. Nuffield International Scholarship

Nuffield International is also an investor of a Nuffield Scholarship. The organisation offers an opportunity for applicants from non-member countries to be awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship annually as part of building the most important resource in agriculture – human capital.

The selected scholar participates in the one-week CSC, the GFP and completes a minimum eight-week study tour focusing on the individual topic of their choice in countries that best suit their individual needs.

Please visit the Scholarships section of this website to find out more.

4. Seventeen Goals to Transform the World of Agriculture

Nuffield International believes that stable, sustainable and responsible agriculture is of critical importance as the world population grows, and in advancing the UN SDG 2030 Agenda. To this end, the organization is committed to working with our international partners to inspire people who will become agents of change across all agricultural sectors in meaningful ways that contribute to the SDGs. To achieve a world without hunger, we need farmers to think without limitations.

Lord Nuffield – About the Man

The ethos of any “not for profit” organisation owes a lot to the character of its founder. In the case of Nuffield, it is William Morris, who was later to become Lord Nuffield.

‘Nuffield the Man’ is a book that has been written over a period of time about the manufacturer and industrialist William Morris (later Lord Nuffield), who owned the Morris Motor Company. The company launched some twenty five different models of Morris cars on the motoring public from its establishment in 1910. The book also includes the story of the Nuffield crest, a now well-recognised symbol.

In 1947, William Morris established the Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust, commencing in the United Kingdom, with Australia following in 1950.

Morris would have been delighted to witness today’s Nuffield Scholars robustly stepping up to the challenges facing them in agriculture and building on his initial faith in their custodianship of the land.

Nuffield Australia is very grateful to Caroline Nixon, who has taken the trouble to research the life and work of Lord Nuffield and to summarise it so that Nuffield Scholars and supporters worldwide may better understand the ethos of our organisation.

Click here to download and read the book about Lord Nuffield.

Watch a video produced by Nuffield Ireland about their 2014 Scholars which highlights the benefits of a Nuffield Scholarship.

Nuffield scholars at a gathering in the USA.
A benefit of a Nuffield Scholarship is the opportunity to travel and gain firsthand knowledge of farming methods in other countries.

Nuffield organizes regular conferences where industry representatives are invited to speak on new ideas and innovations.

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